Driver’s Education Videos

Most of driver education courses provide driving videos as part of the course material. There are generally 17 videos in a course that may be provided on three interactive CD-ROMs, on one DVD, or on three VHS tapes.

Most of these videos include parking lot videos, neighborhood videos, light traffic videos, rural driving videos, and freeway driving videos, heavy traffic videos, and road testing videos.

Parking lot videos concentrate on blind spots, starting and stopping, turning, doing a figure 8, targeting, void zones, backing, parking, and lane changes.

Neighborhood videos show the viewer methods to identify types of intersections, learning the point of no return, turnabouts, and yielding.

Light traffic videos provide details about the 1, 2, and 3 Count, the path of least resistance, and 3-second following distance etc.

Rural driving videos helps to deal with limited view, blind areas, straightening curves, hills, crests, and the use of improved shoulders for entering and exiting rural highways.

Freeway driving videos shows entering, exiting, pacing, speed control, creating and maintaining space, and passing the signal. Heavy traffic video provides all the details relating to targeting ahead, spacing, and patience.

Road testing videos are useful for preparing for administering road tests, cooperative evaluation for accurate assessment to create awareness of areas that need improvement, as well as periodic retesting.

Some trainers also provide videos addressing ABS brakes (anti-lock brake system) and a video dealing with drinking and driving.

These videos are products of research and expert knowledge provided by s

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